Cabin Fever

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Oh man, talk about cabin fever! I have been trying to limit my driving – gas is up again as are expenses – but I HAD to get out of here today!

So my excuse was, although a necessity, was to take the rubbish to the dump! How exciting is that? But then I added on a trip into Port Townsend and coffee with Susan at our favorite, Tyler Street Cafe. Actually, our favorite was closed for an upgrade, it’s going to be a full cocktail bar and restaurant when it reopens in a couple of months. I’m afraid it won’t have that wonderful vibe anymore, so¬†Undertown might be off our list. But we won’t write it off until we check it out.

And then we went for a lovely walk around town and discovered (actually Susan knew about it) a delightful Tea and Spice store. It smelled wonderful and I can get all the spices I need for curry and chai – same price as Central Market – so that is a real find. I didn’t buy anything, just lifted lids and sniffed a lot!

I haven’t been a tourist in Port Townsend for a while and there are a couple of new restaurants and stores I need to check out. The town was busy, as the sun was out! I had to park quite a way from the center which is unusual, but good for the merchants.

But what a difference the sun makes – even though it was cold = turtle neck, sweater and jacket – my glasses knew the sun had strength as they turned really dark to protect me! Damn my Transition lenses, I need all the light I can get!

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